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Recorded approx 2a.m. December 8, 2018 Melbourne, Australia. Using a P8079HP Night Vision Device. Lucky to capture it before cloud rolled in. No...
Captured this over Melbourne, Australia on the 30th of November 2018 with a P8079HP Night Vision Device. I don't think it's a bird flock as there are...
Still hoping for that elusive capture. In the meantime, enjoy what passes above.
A few of these are weird, most explainable. Enjoy. All recorded over Melbourne, Australia with a P8079HP Night Vision device.
Same triangle, always the same altitude. Recorded it over 30 times now. Melbourne, Australia. Folks I no longer read my messages. Really sorry if I...
You can see it passing stars if you watch carefully. Slowly cruising.
Have not seen sat. reflection like this before.
Filmed with a IR filter on a Sony Hi8 handycam.
Are all these sats? I don't think so. All recorded above Melbourne Australia
God only knows what's flying around up there! This is not normal.
Excellent view of the ISS passing Melbourne Australia.
Massive daylight capture over major city. They are NOT hiding. Seems to me that us humans are the ones hiding...'the truth'
This ain't no sattelite folks! It's too fast!!!!!
I thought this object was about to explode. Looks too controlled for sun flare off a sat.
Caught this by accident while filming the jet.
Not sure about these. Generally twin and triple sats. aren't as far seperated.
Recorded with a yukon ranger night vision scope. Way too fast for a sattelite.
This object was in low orbit, just above horizon around dusk.
These 3 just don't look right. Appear to fly horizontal whilst going forward?
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